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Press Release: Online Publications Purporting Nana Kwame Bediako and The New Force Joining the NDC Is False

It has come to the attention of the New Force Team that certain online news outlets are publishing news items purporting that Nana Kwame Bediako, leader Of The New Force has joined or intends to join NDC flagbearer John Dramani Mahama.

The news items make it appear as though Nana Kwame Bediako finds it expedient to join another political party organization because certain of the several efforts and plans of The New Force have so far been frustrated by the current government administration.

The New Force categorically states that:

  1. We have no intention of joining any other organization for the purpose of realizing the objectives of the New Force movement.
  2. Any news item purporting such information is to be totally discredited. We urge the public to completely disregard these news items.
  3. For confirmation of any published material or media content emanating from the New Force and Nana Kwame Bediako, please access our approved social media handles via our website

Nana Kwame Bediako and The New Force remain committed and dedicated to our vision of being the unifier between the people and the Government.


Signed #TheNewForce

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