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Visionary, Industrialist & Philanthropist

Nana Kwame Bediako is not merely a real estate magnate; he is an emblem of change. His journey from outsider to the zenith of influence mirrors the transformative power of resilience, ambition, and the enduring spirit of a nation.

Born of humble beginnings, Freedom’s journey is a story of tenacity and ambition that surpasses the ordinary. From turning two fowls into a thriving poultry farm in his youth to becoming a symbol of modern accomplishments, his story underscores the notion that success is not merely measured in riches or academic degrees but in the depth of experiences that shape character. His vision, pulsating at the core of the New Force movement, is a compass pointing towards a future where destinies are built, and dreams are realized.

Nana Kwame Bediako is a conductor, orchestrating a symphony of positive change. He emerges as a national builder whose influence extends beyond physical structures to the very fabric of the nation’s character. Although his imprints are visible in Ghana’s skyline, his true legacy lies in the meticulous attention he pays to constructing a nation of unwavering integrity. 

In a world where ethical foundations are often shaken, Bediako stands as a guiding light, demanding a commitment to honesty, transparency, and moral uprightness in every facet of life. His actions and decisions reflect a commitment to the greater good, fostering an environment where trust and accountability flourish. Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding form the cornerstone of his leadership philosophy.

As the torchbearer for the next generation, Bediako embodies a leadership style that resonates with the dynamic, forward-thinking spirit of today’s youth. He is their mentor and their guide, providing a roadmap for success that goes beyond traditional metrics. His charisma, magnetic and limitless ambition, resonates through his initiatives that invite the youth to challenge norms, dream big, and aspire to heights previously thought unattainable. The University Challenge, and other alied impact endevours through his foundation (New Africa Foundation) for instance, is not just about financial gestures; it is about building bridges that connect the aspirations of young people to unprecedented heights of possibilities.

Bediako stands as a trailblazer in the expansive realm of real estate, adeptly navigating its four distinct corners: residential, national, industrial, and commercial. His portfolio boasts an array of prestigious projects, including the renowned No.1 Oxford Street and the luxurious Kwarleyz Residence, among others. Through his visionary endeavours, Bediako has contributed to the creation of over 700 homes, each a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the field. On a national scale, Nana Kwame Bediako’s impact is palpable. His ventures contribute significantly to infrastructure development, urban revitalization, and job creation, thus fuelling economic expansion and social advancement.

Beyond the physical constructs of his real estate ventures, Freedom encompasses the redemption of the lost heritage of the Black society. In every initiative, he strives to reverse the effects of historical neglect, breathing life into people who were once silenced, overshadowed or marginalized. By providing opportunities, mentorship and resources, he is breaking the systemic barriers that have hindered the progress of Africans and Black people as a whole and sowing the seeds for generational prosperity. Bediako’s deeds, propelled by an unyielding will, possess the transformative power to redefine not just Ghana or Africa but the global landscape.

In an era where Africa craves leadership that extends beyond political rhetoric, Nana Kwame Bediako stands as a guiding light – a beacon of hope and the catalyst for change. Freedom is not merely an individual; he is the architect of dreams and the embodiment of the transformation Africa fervently seeks.

Awards and Recognition


  • Ghana CEO of the Decade (CEO Network)
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership Award (Forbes)
  • Best African Project with a Porcelanosa Product (Porcelanosa Awards, Spain)


  • Visionary of the Year (Real Estate Development Summit Awards)
  • Young Achiever Award (Exclusive Men of the Year “EMY” Awards, Ghana)


  • Best High-Rise Development & Best Residential Development (International Property Awards, Dubai)


  • Lifetime Africa Achievement Award (Entrepreneurship Excellence in Africa)


  • Business Entrepreneur of the Year (GUBA Awards, UK)
  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Head of State Award Scheme)
  • Young Male Role Model of the Year (The Young Professionals and Youth Coalition)

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